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Bathroom Remodel: Replacing your Glass Shower Doors

The bathroom is the most private space in everyone’s life. Why don’t you think of making it beautiful? Remodelling bathroom is one right decision  that should be taken to beautify it. Everything right from the sink size to shower size should be considered to make it look elegant. You should also consider introducing a glass door shower or replacing the existing ones to enhance the looks of your bathroom. It incorporates modernity in your home and also opens up additional space in the bathroom.

Floor plan
Glass door shower needs to occupy little space in the bathroom. Whether you are looking glass doors of showers or tub enclosures for the bathroom, you should consider the floor plan to decide where the glass doors can be fitted in the bathroom as decides the ambiance of your restroom. Some companies offer a vast range of shower door styles to suit in your specific requirements.

Door configuration
This is the second most crucial aspect while considering the glass doors for your bathroom. The size of the shower space decides door configuration. Most of the large spaces go for sliding doors while hinged ones can be considered for the small areas. If you are going with the hinged doors, you can have the door at the centre corner or as a part of the hexagonal enclosure. You can also choose to have a glass vent above the doors. This kind of hinged doors works best for small and corner spaces.

Pick a style
The third aspect after floor plan and configuration comes to the form of a glass of for shower doors. Many companies today offer a wide range of glass door styles giving the customers a wide range of options. Glass for your bathroom shower doors is majorly classified into two types one is clear, and the other is opaque .When you choose to go by the clear glass for your shower doors in the bathroom remodel, it creates a more spacious feeling. The other glass option opaque offers more privacy during the shower. For additional privacy, you can consider picking different styles like tinted and frosted glass. Each of these glass types has a large number of variations to fit in your specific requirements.

Adding the shower door to your bathroom space makes a centre piece for your bathroom enlightening. Irrespective of the type of glass you choose for your shower doors, they are made of safe secure and robust glass. Most of the times, these doors are made up of tempered glass as it is less prone to cause any injuries even on breakage.  The entries made of tempered glass will be broken into small chips instead of shreds and help in preventing glass-related injuries.

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