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Get Quote for Emergency Glass Repair

Have your Windows or Door glass broken and need in quick replacement. Follow the following checklist to make the job easier in both ends. We have provided you list of recommendation which you must provide your glazier to get quote quickly over phone.

  1. What is exactly broken, and need to be replaced; Window or Door?
  2. Provide the approx. size of Glass, use terms like height, width in meters or inches.
  3. What is the type of frame? Is it aluminum or wood or any other?
  4. Name the place. Is it in Bathroom, Living Room or Outside?
  5. Measure the approx. height from floor.
  6. Clear Glass or frosted Glass
  7. Or any other relevant information.

We would strongly recommend you provide us the following details, so that our Glazier can provide you quick quote over the phone. We ensure Australian Safety Standards while we provide our Quote for service.

Time taken to replace to glass?

If it is a clear glass, in such a case we provide the service on the same day. Generally, most of the windows & doors contain this so we can provide the service as quickly as possible. In the case of Frosted Glass, it might take some time to get it board & Cut it then install.


Learn about Tough or Tempered Glass.

To increase the strength of Glass, a chemical & thermal treatment is provided with in certain criteria which makes it unique than the general clear glass. A tempered Safety Glass shatter itself into small pieces while there’s any damaged occurred. This property makes it safer and friendly to use everywhere.

The process of turning a glass into tempered glass is way more unique. A glass sheet is placed on roller to go through high temperature chamber (~720 C). Further, air blows are placed on it to achieve similar property.


Learn about Laminated Glass.

It is a type of safety glass, when any glass damage take place, the glass doesn’t shatter into pieces. A thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) holds the small pieces pf glass into its layer. It keeps the Safety Glass hold from shattering into Small & Larger pieces. Generally, such a glass type makes a shape of Spider Web when damaged happened.


Swift Glass is Melbourne’s #1 Glazier providing you all your Residential & Commercial Glass Replacement solutions. If this is Emergency Glass Repair, Swift Glass Melbourne can provide you best Glazing experience at an affordable & Cheap Glass Repair price.

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